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Emperor Brown

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Introducing Emperor Brown, a fragrance designed for the modern-day monarch who exudes confidence and commands attention effortlessly. Inspired by the rich tones of dusk, this scent embodies sophistication and power, enveloping you in an aura of regal elegance.

At the forefront of Emperor Brown are its captivating top notes, featuring the succulent sweetness of blackberry and pear, heightened by the subtle spiciness of pink pepper and the delicate floral notes of orange blossom. This harmonious blend creates an enchanting introduction that leaves a lasting impression wherever you go.

As the fragrance evolves, the heart reveals a complex interplay of indulgent notes, including the bold allure of licorice, the comforting aroma of coffee, the nutty richness of almond, and the intoxicating scent of jasmine. These middle notes add depth and character, reflecting the multifaceted nature of leadership.

Emperor Brown's foundation is built on strength and resilience, with base notes of luxurious cashmere wood, velvety white musk, sturdy cedar, earthy patchouli, and warm vanilla. Together, these elements form a solid base, symbolizing the unyielding confidence and unwavering determination of a true emperor.

Belonging to the citrus fragrance family, Emperor Brown infuses your spirit with a burst of energy and vitality, empowering you to conquer your empire with grace and poise. Let its sweet touch envelop you, fueling your ambition and guiding you toward greatness. With Emperor Brown, embrace your role as the ruler of your world and leave a legacy that will endure through the ages.


Best Before: 36 Months

Manufactured/Packed/Marketed By:
JK Lifestyle Private Limited
Plot 5, HDIL Industrial Park
Chandansar, Virar East, Palghar District

Udyog Adhaar Memorandum - MH17B001454
Contact: +91 6262 444 014

Country Of Origin: India