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Emperor Blue

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Introducing Emperor Blue, a scent crafted for those who reign supreme over their domain. With its invigorating blend of top notes including zesty lemon, refreshing bergamot, and calming lavender, this fragrance opens with a burst of vitality fit for a ruler.

As the scent settles, the heart reveals a harmonious bouquet of delicate rose, comforting vanilla, and crisp freshness, adding a touch of floral elegance to the mix. This infusion of floral notes enhances your aura with a sense of empowerment, igniting your spirit to conquer new heights.

Emperor Blue's foundation is grounded in strength and resilience, with base notes of sensual musk, warm amber, sturdy cedar, and rich woody accords. These elements form a solid base, symbolizing the steadfast determination and unwavering confidence of a true leader.

Belonging to the fresh fragrance family, Emperor Blue exudes a captivating energy that propels you forward, ready to seize every opportunity that comes your way. Let its aromatic embrace envelop you, empowering you to embrace your role as the sovereign of your own empire. With Emperor Blue, assert your dominance and command respect wherever you go.


Best Before: 36 Months

Manufactured/Packed/Marketed By:
JK Lifestyle Private Limited
Plot 5, HDIL Industrial Park
Chandansar, Virar East, Palghar District

Udyog Adhaar Memorandum - MH17B001454
Contact: +91 6262 444 014

Country Of Origin: India